A Friend Said…

Have you ever had a friend say something to you that always comes to mind in certain situations?

My best friend once told me that you never know where life will take you. Well for them it just meant that they were not ready to commit to whatever was in front of them at the time.

We never know where life will take us, but we do have a hand in it. There are things that we can control the narrative of and things that we can't. We all make decisions constantly, though we don't think about it. Turn left, turn right, go straight, eat this, eat that. Most decisions don't require a lot of thought, but there are some that we really should put thought into.

How many times have we said something or done something that we immediately wish that we hadn't? I find that when we are speaking with others, we really should slow down and really know and understand what we are saying. I'm learning that in my later years I need to not be so immediately reactive. I tend to say what is immediately my reaction to a thing. Whether it was something that was said or done.

I used to laugh at my great grandmother (who was 102 when she died) because she said whatever she wanted to say whenever she wanted to. It didn't matter who she was talking to or what the subject was. I find myself at that stage of my life where I'm doing that, even though I have a long way to go to catch up with her.

With that said, I have to constantly remind myself, because I am a feeler, that I can't do that because nine times out of ten what I said will bother me because I said it more than it will bother the person that it was said to.

So, let me tell you, as a friend, be aware of what you say and how you say it. It can literally make or break someone's spirit. We are in a time where if we don't monitor what we say and how we say it, can really be a matter of life or death.

Now, when you think of my words, you can say, "A friend said...".

Take care of yourself and be safe.


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