The State of the Mind

With all that is going on around us today, it is no wonder that so many things are spiraling out of control.

As we attempt to deal with the changes that we have been forced to implement into our daily lives, it can become a bit overwhelming. Some of us are faced with the whole back-to-school issue. Do we or don't we? For each family, this crisis can and does have a different answer. It can be argued in a lot of different ways.

What we do know is that the number of cases and deaths attributed to COVID-19 changes from one week to another. At one point, the numbers are going down. At another point, the numbers are going up. Another thing that we know for sure is that we have got to come up with an equation that gets us control of and elimination of this virus.

During this time, as many of us are spending way more time together as a family and trying to cope with the daily decision making of safety, please remember that we need to take time away from everything and everyone in order to keep ourselves together mentally and spiritually. This time does not have to be lengthy, but enough to remove ourselves away from the noise in order to settle our minds.

We must remember that in what used to be normal times, we were away from our families for 8-10 hours a day. During that time, we had conversations with other adults about any number of topics. Now, for some of us, we don't have that luxury.

Please, let's individually take care of our minds so that we can collectively take care of each other.


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