The End Of Summer

Well, we've reached the point of no return.

What happened to the first 8 months of the year?  Summer is over and the kids are back in school.  The diminished traffic that we enjoyed during the summer months is gone.  We're back in the rat race of 80 miles per hour on the Beltway during rush hour, or maybe 30 miles per hour when there's a car blocking the center lane.

Either way, we must be vigilant with our safety.

It's time to begin preparing yourselves for the end of the year.  Yes, that's right, Christmas is coming!!!  No more holidays before Thanksgiving and some of us can't wait to get to those so-called bargains after 6:00 pm on Thanksgiving day.

Whatever happened to Thanksgiving being a family holiday.  Retail employees cannot even enjoy the day because they have to work.  So sad!

Well, now that I've prepared you for the rest of the year, ENJOY!



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