Secrets and Lies

The title says it all.

I don't know why part of the culture of some families is to keep secrets and tell lies from generation to generation.

There is so much about a person's family that has direct impact and implications.  A lot of people are influenced by bloodlines and heritage, yet before DNA testing you only had the stories of surviving ancestors to tell you who you were.

How accurate, or should I say, true, are those accountings of who you are?

We are told, by the author, who our parents and grandparents are.  Who our siblings and cousins are and what standing our family has in the community.

How many people in this country alone have become adults and find themselves wondering who they are and where they truly come from?

Secrets and Lies!

There are things that are inherited genetically that people never find out about until there is an unexplained medical emergency.  Oftentimes, medicine has to tell us who we are and where we came from.  Science (DNA) can definitely tell us who we are and are not related to.

I wonder how many people were told that this person was a relative to only find out when there was a medical emergency that that person, in fact, was not related to them at all?

These situations and circumstances can be the difference between life and death.

Most families who keep secrets do so from pure selfishness.  Infidelity, incest, rape, etc.  It's always determined, by the person keeping the secret, that it's best to not share the information with the person that needs it most.

Too many people are finding themselves not knowing who they truly are because someone decided that they knew better than anyone else that the information should remain secret.

Until you've been in a situation of not knowing who your real parents are, you can't know how it feels.  When you grow up thinking that this one and that one are your parents, and as an adult, find out that your mother gave you away, that can be very traumatic.

The human race can be so self-centered, that we refuse to think of how someone will be affected by the secrets and lies.

If secrets and lies that are negative or hereditary are consistent from generation to generation, it should be known by the entire family.  That is the only way the cycle can be broken and family members healed.

Stop the cycle.  Tell the truth.  Give everyone the opportunity to judge for themselves what should be done with the information that is given to them.  Stop with the secrets.  When it directly concerns a person, they deserve to know the truth.

Or suffer the consequences when the truth and the secrets are revealed.  They could be the difference between life and death.


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