When You Just Don’t Want To Do It

This is a tough place to be in.

There are situations that we are in that we seem to not know how to change them.  We can easily continue in a situation that we know is not good for us because the alternative is to make the tough decision to do what we know we need to do to move on with our lives.

What we must realize is that the longer we put it off, the longer we deal with the impossibility of the situation.

Let's take a look at what it is that we are holding on to.  How is it affecting our day to day lives?  Once we work on it and fix it, life will become so much better.

We often hold on to things because they are familiar.  Just because it is familiar, doesn't mean that it is good for you.

Only you can move in a direction to be in a better place in your life.  Life is not going to allow us only what we want or what we think life should be.  It's hard.  BUT, we have the power to move in a direction other than the one we're going in at the moment when it is not beneficial to us.

Make a move!


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