Car Trouble

Have you ever had car trouble?  Maybe a flat tire and wound up on the side of the road?  A system malfunction that caused your vehicle to not operate properly?

Life causes us to experience situations similar to this.

We may find ourselves blindsided by something or someone.  Because we can't always see and know what is around the corner, we must prepare ourselves as best we can.

Just like we put aside funds for 'rainy days' such as unexpected car repairs or a busted water heater, we must store our self-confidence for those occasions that arise that we didn't see coming.

Say you were up for a promotion and the company decided to go in a different direction and caused your opportunity to vanish.  A lot of us would be devastated.

Well, consider this.  Because we know that things are going to happen that we have no control of, we should invest in ourselves so that we don't have a feeling of hopelessness and self-pity when life happens.

Know that you are the best that you can be and that every day you are investing in yourself.  Knowing that should help you navigate around most of the difficulties that may arise.

When you encounter a difficult situation, keep in mind that you have made it as far as you have because of your tenacity and your ability to come up with a plan that will get you to where you want to be.

When we have that flat tire, we call AAA or roadside assistance.  When the car breaks down, we have it towed to the mechanic.  Just like these solutions to those issues, we can find solutions to our personal issues.

Sometimes it's just a matter of perspective.  Most of the time we jump fast forward to the situation being impossible when really the only thing that is impossible is our ability not to find a solution.

We are human beings with minds capable of tremendous thought.  Let us use our minds to keep us in a place that will ultimately allow us to find what we need when we need it in every situation.


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