Travel – Vacation/Staycation

Do you ever feel like you need to get away?  Most of us feel like that at some time or another.  We work hard.  We take care of our families.  It's all about the day-to-day.

Well, let's think about getting away from the day-to-day for a minute.

The thought of taking a break from the usual usually brings us right back to where we are because we think that 'it's not in my budget, I need to make plans, etc.'

Sometimes you just have to say, "I need this" and do it.

It doesn't have to be anything elaborate and expensive.  I know you've heard of staycations.  Book an inexpensive, but nice hotel room for a night or two and find something that you've been wanting to do in your hometown.  Take a pottery class, sit for a portrait, visit a museum.  These are things that we don't typically do in our day-to-day, but are things that we can do where we live.

If you're married or have a significant other, make a picnic lunch, go to the beach or to the park.  Go window shopping together, see a movie.

I think you get where I'm going with this.

Get away from the grind of everyday life and relax and enjoy just 'being'.

It can make a difference if nothing but causing you to have a greater appreciation for the hard work that you do.  Taking a break from it all will help you to refocus your priorities and give your mind a sense of appreciation of life.

Enjoy Life!


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