A Higher Power

Something Bigger Than You and Me

This is not a religious blog, however, I do believe in God. And because I share with you some of my personal experiences, I am sharing this with you today.

Whatever your personal ideas are of a higher power, I would like for you to consider this.

Have you ever experienced something that you couldn't explain?  Something that may have happened and you would have thought that the outcome would and should have been different?

I choose to believe that when certain things happen that we can't explain, that a higher power is at work on our behalf.  For me, that higher power is GOD.

If you haven't considered that things that are out of your control that have turned out in your favor, is God looking out for you, think about it.

Did or do you have a grandmother or mother or father that you know prayed for you?  I know that I have experienced God's favor because of the explicit prayer of my grandmother and my father and other family members.  I also believe that my children experience God's favor because of my prayers for them.

As you go through your week ahead, think on those things that have caused you to feel that there is something greater than you that is present in your life.

If you know God personally, pray for your loved ones and friends often.  That could be one of the best things that you can do for them.

If you don't know God personally, say a prayer and ask God to reveal Himself to you.  Be prepared for what may come of that request, but allow yourself to see it and believe it.

Send me your thoughts on this blog and any experiences that you may have had.

Have a great week!


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