I know.  I know.  Another posting on this ongoing pandemic.

I just want to admonish everyone to be vigilant with your safety and that of others.  Please consider that wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing is not only for someone else's safety but also for your own.

I'm sure that most of us are feeling inhibited and isolated from our daily routines and our social events.  Tempers are flaring and running hot.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs.  If we would only consider that others' opinions and beliefs may not be ours.  Just because we don't feel the same way about something doesn't make the other person wrong.

With the daily increase of cases, we must consider the fact that this pandemic is not going to go away or even get better if we don't considerably slow down the number of people contracting the virus.

We have to do everything we can to ride this out until a vaccine or cure is found.

We must wear masks when in public and maintain social distancing.  We may not like it, we may even rebel against it.  But remember that this is not going away without all of us taking responsibility to do what we can (masks and distancing) for as long as it takes for the country to recover.

Be safe and STOP THE HATE!  Everyone wants and deserves to live.  We are all human beings.